Skokiewill offer a Colt Fall Ball league this season in cooperation with NSYBA and a league to the south. Registration is not up yet, but will be online VERY SHORTLY. Here is the bullet point list of updated information:

1. Roughly 1-game per week. Games will be played on Sundays. Pending the number of teams that participate, we’ve floated the idea of having home games at each teams home field per usual, or instead having each community ‘host’ a Sunday and have all games at that same field for that particular weekend. Changing the host community each week. (Skokie would host a few of the weeks)

2. Opening Day would be Sunday – August 30th. We’d play for 7-weeks. [Rain-outs could be rescheduled for Saturdays]. The 8th-week is October 17th / 18th where there would be a weekend tournament. Might need to play a Saturday evening that weekend.

3.¬†League is for kids that are ’16 years old or younger, as of May 1st – 2015′. So this means that all kids that are incoming Freshmen, Sophomores, or Juniors are eligible to play. Young Seniors who turned 17 AFTER May 1st, are eligible. Furthermore, each team is able to roster ‘up to 3 kids’ that are 17yr old Seniors who don’t fit the 16u criteria. [College Freshmen are not eligible to participate].

4. Teams are roughly from the same geographic area. Skokie, Norwood, Park Ridge, Deerfield have expressed interest. We may have a few teams from the north part of the city. (Shabbonna Park will have a team and likely 1-2 other parks). We will have at least 5 teams, but the goal is to reach 8 teams. Neutral ‘host’ fields have been discussed to limit travel. City teams indicated they have no problem in traveling north for games.

We will keep you updated as soon as you are able to register online.

Thank you,