Is there Softball beyond the Spring season?

Skokieoffers Fall Softball. Signup will start in July with the season starting in mid-August and running through late October.  Fall games are on the weekends

What happens after registration?  When will I hear from my coach?

Registration for the Spring season ends in March and teams are formed during April. Players will be contacted around the 1st-2nd  week in April.
Registration for Fall season typically ends at the end of July and teams are formed in August.  Players will be contacted around the 1st or 2nd week in August

When do practices and games begin?

For the Spring season, practices begin in mid-April, with games beginning around the first week in May.
For the Fall season, practices will begin early to mid-August with games typically starting towards the end of August.  Fall season games are on Saturday’s and Sundays.

When does the season end?

The regular season for the Spring runs through the third week of June.  Grades 3 and up have playoffs that end the last weekend in June
The regular season for the Fall runs through the third week of June.  Grades 3 and up have playoffs that end in late October.  Weather plays a big factor in the Fall season with all the games on weekends and may cause the schedule to fluctuate.

Can my daughter play up a level, or play down a level?

Rarely do we allow a player to play up an age group, but it is dependent on the circumstance. For players that are not quite ready to move up to the next level, there is an option to play one more year at a lower age group to work on skills. Players that would like to play up or down are handled on a case by case basis.

Does Skokieprovide opportunities for those going through hardships to play Softball?

Skokiedoes provide sponsorship for those in financial need. To inquire, please contact Pancho Espinoza at and cc

What size ball do the girls use?   

K/2 level uses an 11” Incrediball, 3/4 level use an 11” hard softball, 5/6 & 7/8 levels use a 12” hard softball

Where are the games?  

Home games in Skokie are at Lauth Park (K/2 level), Lyon Park (3/4 level) and Lockwood Park (5/6 & 7/8 levels).  Other field may be used as necessary.

What equipment does my daughter need to own?

A fielding glove, batting helmet, fielding masks and if desired, softball cleats and a bat.  The Skokiehave catcher’s equipment and also have bats available.

I am interested in being a head coach.  What should I expect?

The head coach…

  • Corresponds directly with their team, starting with an introductory e-mail so the girls know what team they are on
  • sets up their teams practice schedule by picking out dates and confirming field availability.
  • On game days, checks the rainout hotline to know if the games are cancelled
  • Works with the opposing coaches to re-schedule games, along with confirming field availability
  • There are 2 meetings to attend…A Skokiecoaches meeting and a Crosstown League coaches meeting.
  • Is the “owner” of the equipment during the season and arranges to pick up their equipment once they have a team assigned to them